Connect to Eventbrite

For the plugin to work it needs to be connected to Eventbrite to gather information on your events.

You will need to obtain a personal OAuth token from Eventbrite and add it to the plugin settings page

1. Login to your Eventbrite account
2. Navigate to Accounts Settings > Developer Links > App Management
3. Click on ‘Create A New App‘ button
4. Fill in the mandatory fields marked with a star with any text you like, nothing entered here is important
5. Scroll down, tick the ‘terms and conditions’ and click on ‘Create Key‘ button
6. Click on the > above your newly created API Key Name
7. Copy the characters to the  right of  Private Token
8. Paste these into the settings page field for ‘Your Private Token’ and click the ‘Save‘ button

If you are logged in to Eventbrite try this link to go straight to the right page

Next steps

If you have the pro version you can then add the shortcode [wfea] to a post or page.

For the free version you can add the Widget to a widget area of your site.

If you see nothing take a look at the troubleshooting tips.

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