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About Fullworks

Hi I'm Alan Fuller, and this is my WordPress business.


What I do and why

I am a life long techy and I just love to build things and solve problems. 10 years ago I started building WordPress websites and I am still building and providing managed hosting for WordPress websites through

The problems I encounter and solutions I devise have resulted in me creating much custom code and many WordPress plugins, some of which you can buy from here today

Why buy premium plugins?

Wordpress is opensource and free and there are thousands of free plugins so why should I pay anything?

WordPress is released under GPL opensource licence and so all plugins should be GPL too!

All our plugins are GPL licenced which means you are free to use them as long as you like, where you like, or even modify them yourself.

What you are paying for is the updates and support for the plugin. We have to eat. Don't expect us to help you if you haven't contributed.

Here's why you'll love our plugins

Quality Code

You can trust our code has been crafted to the best WordPress standards, with nothing nasty hidden inside.

Ongoing Updates

Our plugins are tested and updated for every WordPress release, and have regular feature enhancements too.

Helpful Support

We love to help you make the best of your website through our plugins.

Money Back Guarantee

If you have an issue that we can't resolve we are more than happy to provide a complete refund within 14 days of purchase.

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What our customers say

From our Blog

What is WordPress User Enumeration and why is it bad?

Lets start with the basics, user enumeration is a process of identifying the WordPress users login name on WordPress by providing the user number. So for instance you can put something like

Obviously change the domain name, and if you have no protection, and WordPress permalinks turned on you will get back the login […]

Latest Plugin

I have just released my latest plugin to the repository.   The plugin is a pricing table plugin, and yes I know there are hundreds, if not thousands of pricing tables out there, but I wanted something simple with a clean responsive style that went well with the modern looking Genesis themes I prefer. […]

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Why using Eventbrite for your Events is a good idea!

If you own a WordPress self hosted website and you run events, probably the first thing you will do is go and start searching for an Events plugin. But stop and think for a minute! Rather than do all the work on your website, why not let Eventbrite do the heavy lifting. There are Pro’s […]